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Sharing Sitka

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Welcome to “Beautiful Sitka by the Sea”! We consider it an honor to bring you aboard our fleet and show you around town. 


We use up-to-date, clean, safe equipment of all sizes. Our expert tour guides are from Sitka, well versed in our history up to present day. They wear distinguished Russian tunics and have a gift for each of you! We will introduce you to all Sitka offers, and promise to be sure, Sitka will be an Alaskan highlight, leaving you wanting to come back and stay longer!

Sitka Tours provides something for everyone: Russian history, dancers, native and early American cultures, bears, raptors, salmon hatchery, sea life touch tank, and scenery galore! We provide individual or group tours, meeting each Alaska State Ferry, cruise ship, and Alaska Airlines flights. 

Memorable tours, comfortable rides at reasonable rates.

Did you love your Sitka Tour? 

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